Basket started out as a series of rudely drawn sketches.

Hello there, first time reader. Pour yourself a cup of tea and settle down, because you’re coming on a journey with us!

We would like to tell you a story of how Basket came to life. We’re a group of college classmates that met long time ago while skipping class trying to pour as much coffee in us as we possibly could. First time we ever spoke about “an application” was about two or three weeks ago and to be frank, back then this was just an application to us, a little side project with which we wanted to test our knowledge. During the last year we started a page on Facebook called 24h Project Challenge, on it we worked on some side projects of our own trying to create something in as little time as we can, that’s the environment in which Basket was initially created. But when we started working on this app we received great feedback from everyone we talked to, people were really interested in using this app and in little time mails like “Hey when will it be online?” and “Can I be your beta tester?” started pouring in, that’s when we decided that Basket is more than just a 24h project, for us Basket is a challenge and a possibility to learn and grow so we’ve set our minds on creating a great app that people will enjoy using.

Imagine you’re planning a barbeque and you want to invite all your friends over. First thing you do is decide what you need for your grilling extravaganza. You take out your trusted old notebook, lick the tip of your pen and start writing down your carefully planned items to make your event the best it can be. You need a grill, you need meat, you need vegetables because your friend Mary is a vegetarian, you need cups, forks, knives, plates, you need a couple of badminton rackets because, well heck, who doesn’t like to play a bit of badminton now and then.

After you’ve written everything down you open Facebook, invite your friends to a group chat and start typing the items. Then you close your eyes and hope that everything goes well and that you and your friends manage to organize and bring everything to your barbeque. But things don’t always turn out the way they should, you overbuy or someone forgets to buy, you bring a grill but you don’t have any way to start a fire and in the end you find yourself hungry, sad, and not playing badminton. Why not skip the middle-man?

Imagine if you had an application in which you create a basket, fill it with your desired articles, add friends from Facebook or your address book and watch as items disappear from your list and appear at your carefully planned gathering. Wouldn’t it be nice if people could reserve items on that list saying “Hey, I’ll buy those two oddly shaped badminton rackets later just that no one else buys them.” Wouldn’t it be nice if people could cross off the items in your baskets and write down how much they’ve spent on them and that you could later, with just one click, split the bill and divide money equally?

Your baskets.

Meet Basket. Basket is an application designed to make your shopping plans easier and more organized. Basket helps you remove stress from party planning, efficiently manage your events and organize everyday shopping in your household. Create private shopping list to remind you what you have to buy or simply create one and share it with your family, friends or roommates.

We love working on Basket and we hope you will love using it! Subscribe to our blog so you can follow our progress. We plan on posting on a wide range of topics. From general Basket ideas and plans for the future to articles on development and design.